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this is what you get for not being a white male!

I have discovered Tiger Beatdown, this blog for ladythings, and HOLY SHIT I think I have a new internet girlfriend, you guys. My internet boyfriend used to be Nate Silver, but he has not made sweet, numeric love to me for several months and no one is sadder about that than me.

Getting back to the pwnage, my favorite bit of the approximately 300 posts that I backread today was the Tucker Max Facebook quiz post about this trailer:

Yeah, I don't even know. Don't watch the trailer if you object to guys talking about killing fat girls because, uh, they are fat.

Fun meme stuff, now, though! For [ profile] ishie:

I had to recheck Wikipedia for some of these, but I do love that Gus' occupation is listed as "Pharmaceutical Rep/Private Detective." ♥

5. That time he was Bud from the Cosby show.
4. Tan (I like episodes where Gus gets to be a bit of a douche for a change, because even when he's kinda being a douche he's still not very good at it because &GUS;)
3. Lavender Cooms (it's so appropriate because Gus looks really good in lavender, you know)
2. Magic Head
1. and naturally, Gus T. T. Showbiz


5. PIRATES (this is my answer to everything, though)
4. I would have added a reboot version of Number One to hang out with Pike because &NUMBER ONE;, hobviously.
3. The same goes for Nurse Chapel! She and McCoy would talk about the best techniques of sneaking up on people to give then hyposprays and since Spock is dating Uhura and isn't as hot in the rebootverse she would not get so hung up on him this time around and would instead make some soup for McCoy and SHUT UP I read a fic that was like "Secretary...IN SPACE" and now I ship them. /o\
2. I would not have fridged Amanda! Instead I would have killed off Sarek (sorry, Sarek) and had Spock angst about that and be all "DADDY NEVER LOVED ME WHYYY" until Amanda slapped some sense into him. And then at the end of movie Amanda would team up with Spock Prime to convince Spock not to be an idiot and stay on the Enterprise while the two of them worked together to rebuild Vulcan. IT WOULD BE AMAZING.
1. CAPTAIN UHURA! Lol most random example, but the other day I was reading this mirror verse Spock/McCoy fic that dealt with them, Scotty, Uhura, and Chapel teaming up to take down evil!Kirk after evil!Kirk raped an ensign. So Spock killed off evil!Kirk and afterwards was all "I do not desire the captaincy >:|" and Scotty was all "Dude, me neither, I just want to make sweet, sweet love to the Enterprise's engines :/" and since by this time in this fic series they had marooned Sulu on a planet for being a rapey douche, they made Uhura the captain! And I did not understand why these people were supposed to be evil because, uh, wouldn't evil people not give a fuck that Kirk raped a bunch of people? But anyway, I didn't care because the idea of CAPTAIN UHURA makes me happy in my pants and pretty much everywhere else.

Basically if I had rebooted TOS I probably would have not excised all the female characters that weren't Uhura, Winona, and Amanda. :(

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