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Where are the Snowdens of yesteryear? ([personal profile] neigedens) wrote2009-09-29 11:40 pm

I hope Bones stabs you in the neck

This whole Roman Polanski thing is driving me NUTS. No one I know IRL has been horrible about it, thankfully, but pretty much everyone in Hollywood needs to die screaming in an actual fire except for a few people, one of whom, oddly enough, is Bill Maher. Yeah, raise your hand if you saw that one coming.

Anyway! To get that taste of child rape apologists out of my mouth, you are going to give me fandoms for this crazy shipping meme:

+ Runner-up
+ Honorable mention(s)
+ Crack pairing(s)
+ Ship everyone else seems to like, but I don't

Go nuts, people! I have OPINIONS and wish to share them with you.

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