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This morning it was raining very hard, so I brought a towel along with me when I biked to the bus station because I had this elaborate plan set up to ensure that my pants didn't get wet, which ended up not working at all because it was too damn cold to roll up my pant cuffs but it wasn't raining that hard at the time anyway, but

ANYWAY my point in that boring little digression was that I had this towel with me! And I learned that not only can you wrap a towel around your head to save yourself from the Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal, you apparently can also use it to wipe off your face when you start crying on the bus over the fact that you lost your wallet and are stranded at the Mall of America.


So yeah, kind of a rough day but some things were less than shitty, at least. For instance, my inability to keep from crying in public while talking with my mom over the phone led to a guy giving me $10 for the bus. Lol pathetic, I know, but I don't care because guess who had enough money left over to buy lunch? \o/ Filling out this meme also seriously cheered me up. And I am assuming by "pairings," they actually meant "threesomes or foursomes or whatever."

The great thing about ST:TOS is that I am able to simultaneously ship many, many OTPs at one time. I mean, I do that with most fandoms, but with TOS it is especially prevalent.

+ OTP: Spock/McCoy
+ Runner-up: Spock/Uhura
+ Honorable mention(s): Spock/the Mother Horta (no this is not a crack pairing, shut the fuck up), Sulu/Chekov, Scotty/Uhura, McCoy/Spock/Kirk, Sulu/Spock (it's hot, just think about it!)
+ Crack pairing(s): Kirk/Enterprise, McCoy/Spock/Sulu/Uhura, McCoy/that lady from "Plato's Stepchildren"*
+ Ship everyone else seems to like, but I don't: I don't dislike Kirk/Spock, but I don't dig it as much as everyone else. Which isn't saying a lot because everyone else seems to dig it a lot.

*This is from this AU of "Plato's Stepchildren" I started writing because sometimes I like to write my own badfic. This one ended up being kind of fun because it had Uhura not getting kissraped and instead taking over as the captain because M'Benga stabbed Kirk in the neck with a hypospray and Spock and Scotty got themselves captured. Which, come to think of it, pretty much encompasses all my non-sexual Star Trek kinks. /o\

(This hobviously also includes ships from within the movies themselves. And oh my goodness can you believe I cited my sources?)
+ OTP: Tom Servo/the Creepy Girl from 204 - Catalina Caper. Most people I talk to tend to dislike this episode, but I love it for producing what is truly the greatest love song of our time.
+ Runner-up: Manfred/Hargrove from 905-The Deadly Bees. I think old man hatesex is becoming a theme with me, but I don't care because, unlike 99% of fandom, this pairing has a cool smush name. ~*~MANGROVE 4EVA~*~
+ Honorable mention(s): Tony/Vadinho from 903 - Pumaman, Dr. F/TV's Frank, Crow/Adrienne Barbeau, Gypsy/Richard Baseheart
+ Crack pairing(s): Uh, see above.
+ Ship everyone else seems to like, but I don't: I don't think anyone really ships much in MST3K fandom.

+ OTP: Shawn/Gus
+ Runner-up: Jules/Lassiter
+ Honorable mention(s): Shawn/Abigail, Shawn/Abigail/Gus, Gus/Lassiter, Lassiter/the Chief's sister.
+ Crack pairing(s): All my pairings are deathly serious and not "cracky" at all. >:|
+ Ship everyone else seems to like, but I don't: SHAWN/LASSITER. I wouldn't hate this one so much (hell, I like hatesex as much as the next person) if it weren't for the fact that the entire fucking fandom ships it while ignoring the true OTPness that is Shawn/Gus. HE CLAIMS SHAWN ON HIS TAXES, MOTHERFUCKERS >>>>>:( Also, I'm hoping the show doesn't go the Shawn/Jules route because they would probably do it in a way that makes Jules giggly and insecure when she usually is not.

That's it!

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