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Where are the Snowdens of yesteryear? ([personal profile] neigedens) wrote2010-04-13 11:48 am
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Excuse me, it is not the hell your star whale

Saw The Beast Below! SPACE WHALES! Seriously, how awesome is that? It was all very Spock-meets-the Horta-ish, what with the misunderstood beast in unendurable agony and it all being very sad. But it loved children? Which seems a little weird because if you're that big you'd think all humans would look about the same size, so to speak, but WHATEVER. The plot was full of holes but Amy was awesome and did lots of Plucky Companion stuff and yeah, I pretty much love her. :D And the bit where they hugged made me awwww IRL, which I think is a good sign if I'm already that overinvested in their relationship at this point!

Daleks vs. Nazis looks interesting. I guess I am putting my money on the Daleks? I'm not sure what the odds look like in that case. :D:

tl;dr, basically I think it all would have been better if they'd brought in Spock to mind-meld with it.

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