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Where are the Snowdens of yesteryear? ([personal profile] neigedens) wrote2010-05-01 08:01 pm

if someone kidnaps your goat maybe you should kidnap their Troy (just a thought)

I had the longest day at work this morning (probably shouldn't have stayed up until 4 in the morning watching MST3K shorts but YOU CAN'T STOP ME) but my exhaustion was mitigated somewhat by finding cool stuff when I got home!

- This interview with China Miéville wherein he is generally Not Shitty about Racefail '09, which is always appreciated, and reminds me that I need to find a copy of Perdido Street Station one of these days.

- DL'd Flesh and Stone! That was really tense and enjoyable! I turned off the lights when Amy was walking through the forest/the clerics were getting deleted for maximum creepiness (I am quite a pansy) and it was FABULOUS. Not much changed from last week: still love Amy and River (and her ~mysterious past/future/complicated spacetime vortex~) and have developed a foot fetish an extreme fondness for Eleven, so that's all right. And I guess we're back to lolz next week? I was generally ok with the Lolzy Seduction Hijinx scene (my intial gut reaction was WOOOOOO GO AMY) but it felt a little off compared to the rest of the episode. And I hope Rory isn't shit next week or the Vampire episode will not be much fun.

- Also, as you may have noticed when I callously spammed your reading/friendslist the other day: I FINALLY POSTED MY EPIC* TROY/ABED FIC! \o/

The High School After High School, (Community, 16,000 words, Troy/Abed at DW, at LJ) Troy gets kidnapped so Abed and Annie must pretend to be Sherlock Holmes to find him!

You have no idea what a relief it is to finally post it. I developed this weird sort of block about it towards the end there, so even though I think I finished it back in April sometime, every time I would open the tab to edit it I would panic and close it again for no real reason, until finally I was like "WTF ru doin self" and just edited/posted it! Basically the lesson I learned was "JUST SUCK IT UP AND DEAL WITH YOUR SHIT, BRIANA," but this is the lesson that I seem to learn every time something like this happens and yet I always have to learn it all over again anyway. /o\

ANYWAY, yeah, good week! I hope yours was too! ♥

*for given values of epic, obviously. It is certainly better than my previous Greatest Posted Longfic, AKA the Remus Lupin/Mary Sue novel I started writing when I was 14.