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bit late with this, sorry /o\

Hello there, [community profile] femslash10 writer! If you have been assigned me, you should know that I am pretty happy with mostly anything. I multi-ship like it's my religion and like a wide-variety of genres. I prefer light-hearted fic as a rule (which I think fits the fandoms I've requested, to a degree?). Not to say that I don't get into Serious Fic, but something with a lolzy edge to it is always appreciated. Obviously all of the stuff I mention here is just a guide and you should feel free to GO WILD.

Community (Shirley/Britta, Britta/Annie, Shirley/Annie, Britta/Michelle Slater, Shirley/Britta/Annie.)
As I said, total multi-shipper so whatever you choose here will make me happy. What I'd really like, in addition to whatever pairing you may choose to write, is the study group ladies having ~bonding time~ or whatever during the summer. Sexy results optional but are fully encouraged!

Doctor Who (River/Amy, River/Donna)
If you did Donna fix-it fic (where Donna preferably has a large hand in fixing herself?) that ended with Donna/River I would love you forever. *_*

Pop music RPF (Lady Gaga/Beyoncé)
HOTSAUCE. That's...about all I can think of for that! Something related to the Telephone vid would be cool.

Avatar: the Last Airbender (Mai/Ty Lee, Suki/Ty Lee, Azula/Ty Lee, Azula/Mai/Ty Lee, Katara/Azula.)
Apparently Ty Lee/everyone is the pairing of choice here? Yeah, let's go with that!

Star Trek: TOS (Nyota Uhura/Christine Chapel, Nyota Uhura/Marlena Moreau, Nyota Uhura/Janice Rand.)
UHURA/EVERYONE. Again, something that stressed the ladies being friends/becoming friends in addition to whatever pairing you may choose to write would be cool.

Random shit I like: prison escape stories, stupid sitcom-esque plots (especially with Community), bantering, ~chosen families~, robots, dogs, robot dogs.

And that's all I can think of! Thank you and I hope this helps you in writing. I love all these fandoms and I'm sure I will like whatever you write. ♥