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So this year I think I officially wrote enough fic that I can justify posting a MOTHERFUCKING FIC ROUNDUP.

Uh, and by that I mean that I posted a grand total of two (2) fics this year. But that is one (1) more than last year, so here are the links!

Do Vulcans Dream of Electric Doctors?, which is Spock/McCoy mindsex set during Search for Spock.

Rewriting the Script, which is Community fic where Annie and Abed and Troy make a sex tape.

This is a tiny list, sure, but I still feel ok because

1) I actually did write 50,000 words of fic for NaNo this year that I am still editing. (And by editing of course I mean opening the tab in Google Docs for a second and then shuddering and looking away.)

2) I have a Big Plans! For the future! With fic and fun pairings! (like Shirley/Britta from Community. For some reason I am really into this pairing all of a sudden. *_*) Possibly I will make more fic lists. IDK, I forgot how fun it is posting fic on archives instead of just your LJ, you know? It feels more ~official~ for absolutely no reason at all.

Happy New Year, everyone!


neigedens: shirley examining tiny nipples (Default)
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