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Few Community things!

- [ profile] agiantcookie is a new Troy/Abed comm on LJ! Nothing's really posted there yet so PERHAPS YOU SHOULD BE THE ONE TO CHANGE THAT. :D?
- [ profile] community_tv is having a Shirley Fanworks Meme which is an idea so awesome that I may have just died and gone to heaven.

Yesterday night/this morning I went to a party/wake for my friend's Shih Tzu, Andy, AKA the Pirate Pooch. They called him that because he was so old towards the end there that he had only one eye, two snaggly-teeth, and he walked in a way that I can't really describe but that made me think that he should have been carrying a blunderbuss, if that makes any sense at all. At any rate, up until the end he wasn't in pain and was a really sweet, good-natured little guy, so hopefully somewhere he is happy, Pirate Pooch-ing it up like there's no tomorrow. ♥

(Unfortunately, this has made think about how my own dog is only a year younger than Andy was. Thankfully, I think Lily has made some sort of pact with Satan and is going to live for a long time, just to spite all her enemies. ♥Lily♥)


neigedens: shirley examining tiny nipples (Default)
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