Feb. 25th, 2011

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Today I didn't work, so I thought I'd go to the library and do some writing on a computer with a keyboard isn't the size of a postage stamp. (I'm actually growing somewhat fond of this tiny laptop that I think my mom won in a raffle, but this does not change the fact that its apostrophe key is in a stupid place and I'm too scared to install a non-shitty (read: non-IE) browser on it for fear of making it explode.) Instead of writing anything or doing anything remotely useful with the computers taxpayers like me have paid for, I instead started backreading a bunch of the Filthy Critic archives and then I moved onto the Wikipedia overviews of the Saw movies out of perverse curiosity.

I've never actually seen any of the Saw movies as the very concept makes me a bit sick, but I have to imagine that that you get about as much a sense of the characters' motivations and of the plot itself from reading the Wikipedia summaries as you do from watching the actual movie, and one option means that you see 100% less of the insides of a characters' intestines so, you know, there is that.

tl;dr, bottom line is I got nothing done today by wasting time in the stupidest possible way and IT WAS CARY ELWES BEHIND THE MURDERS ALL ALONG.


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