Apr. 24th, 2011

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I am one of those instant gratification types who also isn't that bothered about spoilers, so in many cases I will go weeks or maybe even months without enjoying my stories until suddenly I'm like FUCK IT I CAN STAND IT NO MORE and will stay up all night to watch them all at once. This is how I have enjoyed some of my favorite shows (Arrested Development, A:tLA) and also how I slogged through some of the stuff I didn't particularly care for but didn't mind watching anyway (most of Doctor Who seasons 2 through 4 comes to mind, with a few exceptions, natch.) Similarly, I also like to go weeks without updating my journal and then suddenly, without warning, dump a bunch of tl;dr on your flists/circles.

Anyway, the point of all that is that I CANNOT DEAL WITH THIS CLIFFHANGER SHIT, YOU GUYS. I need the conclusion of "The Impossible Astronaut," but apparently BBC America have decided to air all the DW episodes at the same time as in the UK in order to discourage pirates. Pirates like me! THIS IS AWFUL.

spoilery thoughts on The Impossible Astronaut )

In conclusion: BE SATURDAY NOW.


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