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You guys it is fall and do you know what that means? It means it's time for MORE COMMUNITY FIC YEAHHHHH.

Title: Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name
Rating: Teen, for language. No warnings.
Word Count: 5,300
Pairing: Jeff/Shirley
Notes: Set sort of nebulously in the second half of season 1, so no season 2 spoilers. Thanks to [personal profile] wordsatourbacks for the excellent beta job.
Summary: Jeff pretends to be Shirley's boyfriend. "You know, this is starting to be less like Cheers and more like Three's Company."

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I am getting excited for NaNoWriMo again, you guys! I "won" last year (although actually I wrote 50,000 words of AU for a TOS episode that's so bad I've only been able to watch once because it embarrasses me too much, so, you know, given values of "win" here.) In any case, it was really fun and now I'm trying to think of a project for this year that will be suitably entertaining for a whole month.

I've had this idea for awhile to try writing a Dean Thomas/Luna Lovegood road trip-type fic set during DH, but that would probably necessitate rereading the seventh book and I'm not sure I feel like it lately, even with the movie coming out.

But anyway, my point was that with NaNo coming up I'm trying to finish some shit, and I was looking for someone to beta this Jeff/Shirley story. It's about 5,000 words and it has a really stupid title so I need some help here, guys.
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I was watching the car commercials Community did during the Emmys. Now I am very excited for it to come back because &Troy;, &Abed;, &Britta;, &me not giving a flying fuck where Jeff is putting his dick;. But anyway, look at this one!

video behind cut )

Jeff is driving them all around in his car (how did he afford that car? Oh right, he's a sleazeball ~TV MAGIC~) and they are bugging him for ice cream and Abed is trying to teach him a Valuable Life Lesson! It's like that fic I wrote that one time! :DDDDDDDDDDDD OMG it's like I see the future.
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Title: Love in Technicolor
Fandom: Star Trek (2009)
Warnings: None.
Notes: This is my [community profile] femslash10 fic, written for [personal profile] karmageddon. Big thanks to [ profile] custardpringle for the beta job and not letting me panic/procrastinate. Title from Janelle Monáe's "BaBobByeYa."

Summary: Gaila had been on the only escape pod that had failed to reestablish contact after the Narada attack, so, all in all, Uhura wasn't very surprised when Gaila and the rest of the previously dead crew showed up again on the Enterprise six months after. Or at least, not as surprised as she could have been. Gaila had always had a talent of showing up in the middle of confusing situations.

Read more... )
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Hello there, [community profile] femslash10 writer! If you have been assigned me, you should know that I am pretty happy with mostly anything. I multi-ship like it's my religion and like a wide-variety of genres. I prefer light-hearted fic as a rule (which I think fits the fandoms I've requested, to a degree?). Not to say that I don't get into Serious Fic, but something with a lolzy edge to it is always appreciated. Obviously all of the stuff I mention here is just a guide and you should feel free to GO WILD.

stuff re: my requests )

Random shit I like: prison escape stories, stupid sitcom-esque plots (especially with Community), bantering, ~chosen families~, robots, dogs, robot dogs.

And that's all I can think of! Thank you and I hope this helps you in writing. I love all these fandoms and I'm sure I will like whatever you write. ♥
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Today I turned 21! I went to a Mexican restaurant for lunch and they said their birthday specials were either a free sopapilla or a shot of tequila. Since I was there with my grandma I got the sopapilla and it was A++++ delicious. :D Sometime later this week when people aren't working/busy I'm going to make all my friends get drunk and watch "Spock's Brain" with me because I still haven't seen it yet and since it's my birthday I figure they will have to do what I say.

But otherwise it was a nice day, even though the drunken Trek-viewing didn't pan out. My parents gave me a nice 4 GB mp3 player and also, more importantly, [personal profile] gloss posted an amazing Shirley/Britta fic that you must read right now because I love it. :D

Also, unrelated to anything, I can't stop watching this:

It's even better than that "Kirk is a Womanizer" vid I couldn't stop watching a few months ago. *_*
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You were just thinking, "Why hasn't anyone written any Community/MST3K crossover fic?" SURE YOU WERE.

Title: Experiment 513: Kickpuncher (Part 1 of 2)
Word Count: 960 (this part)
Notes: This is ENTIRELY [personal profile] dancesontrains's fault. I wrote it because it was an idea of hers. It probably won't make much sense if you haven't seen the MST3K ep Mitchell. The dates between the two canons don't quite make sense, but "if you're wondering how the timelines work out and other geographic facts / just repeat to yourself 'It's just a fic, I should really just relax.'"

Summary: Troy and Abed's summer temp job goes a little off the rails.

there's a holodeck? )

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- I AM STILL SO EXCITED ABOUT TURNING 21 YOU GUYS. June is all around a really great month for birthdays! For instance, my bff Nyssa's birthday is the 14th and a few weeks ago her little brother Adric (hahaha get it?) sent me a message on Facebook the other day about this great gift idea...nyssa DON'T READ THIS OR I WILL CUT YOU )

- IT'S TROY WEEK OVER AT [ profile] community_tv YOU GUYS. Just like last week, there's a character-centric Fanworks Meme that you should go prompt/fill!

- On that note:
Introduction to Fashion and Design, Troy/Abed, 500 words
It was love at first sight.

- Last week, as I mentioned, was Shirley Week and while I had a few problems with the fic I was working on (problems that can be summed up in two words as: "detective AU," BUT THAT'S A WHOLE 'NOTHER ENTRY) there was a lot of cool stuff posted, my favorite being these bits of fanart. &Shirley;
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Few Community things!

- [ profile] agiantcookie is a new Troy/Abed comm on LJ! Nothing's really posted there yet so PERHAPS YOU SHOULD BE THE ONE TO CHANGE THAT. :D?
- [ profile] community_tv is having a Shirley Fanworks Meme which is an idea so awesome that I may have just died and gone to heaven.

Yesterday night/this morning I went to a party/wake for my friend's Shih Tzu, Andy, AKA the Pirate Pooch. They called him that because he was so old towards the end there that he had only one eye, two snaggly-teeth, and he walked in a way that I can't really describe but that made me think that he should have been carrying a blunderbuss, if that makes any sense at all. At any rate, up until the end he wasn't in pain and was a really sweet, good-natured little guy, so hopefully somewhere he is happy, Pirate Pooch-ing it up like there's no tomorrow. ♥

(Unfortunately, this has made think about how my own dog is only a year younger than Andy was. Thankfully, I think Lily has made some sort of pact with Satan and is going to live for a long time, just to spite all her enemies. ♥Lily♥)
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I rewatched ATLA this week. I somehow thought that since I'd seen it before I wouldn't feel the need to tear through all the episodes all at once, and yet there I was, watching Sozin's Comet at five in the morning, AGAIN. Oh self, you are so predictable.

But anyway, it got me thinking about how while my favorite episodes will always be the Ba Sing Se arc in s2, my favorite s3 episode is definitely Boiling Rock because I LOVE ALL PRISON ESCAPE STORIES. Even shitty, awful ones. I watched Face/Off (WHY IS THERE A SLASH IN THAT TITLE) because there was a prison in that movie where all the cons wore special boots that would pin them to the floor if they tried to escape and it was awesome even though it was stupid and nonsensical, so obviously a prison escape story with Sokka and Suki and Zuko and a fuckton of them ~scheming~ is, to me, the greatest thing ever.

BUT ANYWAY. My whole point was that it has long been my ambition to write a prison escape story! Maybe an escape from a PRISON FOR BITCHES? this will all probably seem like a bad idea in the morning. )

Totally unrelatedly, I think I'm going to make a schedule or a list or something so I can finish all these fucking WIPs by the end of the summer, JFC.
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So I haven't seen the Community finale yet, but that will not stop me from talking about spoilers/fic ideas ) Basically, long-winded Community fic with a stupid plot and a ~Heartwarming Ending~ has unexpectedly become my favorite thing to write, go figure. :D

Speaking of which, I stole this meme from [personal profile] the_wanlorn because it's look really fun:

Name any story I've written, and any character in them, canon or OC. I'll tell you three things about that character which I didn't put in the story.

Also, I went to see Iron Man 2 (which was fun but dumb and politically really gross), and the ATLA trailer made me so mad. I'm thinking maybe we should give M. Night the Tom Servo treatment. You know, go back in time and find M. Night before he gets inspired to make his crappy movie, and then take care of him. You know, kick him in the shins! On the bright side, the trailer inspired me to get this sweet new icon, so apparently Aryan!ATLA is good for something after all.

OK, NOW I AM TRUFAX GOING TO BED. Good night, circle/flist, I shall probably rant some more about Community in the morning. :D:
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When you see this, post a snippet from your works-in-progress.

Oh my gosh this is exciting.

3 ST: TOS excerpts )

2 Community excerpts )

1 Doctor Who/MST3K excerpt )

Ha, that was really fun. :D
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It is my considered opinion that you should go READ AND WRITE AND PROMPT STUFF! I am notoriously horrible at prompting, so you should go add some! Also I wrote an Annie/Britta ficlet (yeah, I know, Community, just for a change!) so, yeah. :D

Also I have finished my triannual re-reading of Catch-22. The problem with this is that even though I've read it so many times, I still get confused with the timeline in the first half of the book. Obviously the Glorious Loyalty Oath Crusade happened before the Great Big Siege of Bologna, but did the Splendid Atabrine Insurrection happen first? It still confuses me. I should make a timeline.
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I had the longest day at work this morning (probably shouldn't have stayed up until 4 in the morning watching MST3K shorts but YOU CAN'T STOP ME) but my exhaustion was mitigated somewhat by finding cool stuff when I got home!

- This interview with China Miéville wherein he is generally Not Shitty about Racefail '09, which is always appreciated, and reminds me that I need to find a copy of Perdido Street Station one of these days.

- DL'd Flesh and Stone! shot a good man in Reno just to watch him die )

- Also, as you may have noticed when I callously spammed your reading/friendslist the other day: I FINALLY POSTED MY EPIC* TROY/ABED FIC! \o/

The High School After High School, (Community, 16,000 words, Troy/Abed at DW, at LJ) Troy gets kidnapped so Abed and Annie must pretend to be Sherlock Holmes to find him!

You have no idea what a relief it is to finally post it. navel gazing ) Basically the lesson I learned was "JUST SUCK IT UP AND DEAL WITH YOUR SHIT, BRIANA," but this is the lesson that I seem to learn every time something like this happens and yet I always have to learn it all over again anyway. /o\

ANYWAY, yeah, good week! I hope yours was too! ♥

*for given values of epic, obviously. It is certainly better than my previous Greatest Posted Longfic, AKA the Remus Lupin/Mary Sue novel I started writing when I was 14.
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Title: The High School After High School (3/3)
Author: [personal profile] neigedens
Word Count: 7,200 this part; 16,278 total
Pairings/Characters: Abed/Troy, Annie, ensemble
Rating: Teen
Notes: See notes in Part One.

Part Two.

Part Three )
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Title: The High School After High School (2/3)
Author: [personal profile] neigedens
Word Count: 5,500 this part; 16,278 total
Pairings/Characters: Abed/Troy, Annie, ensemble
Rating: Teen
Notes: See notes in Part One.

Part Two )

Part Three
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Title: The High School After High School (1/3)
Author: [personal profile] neigedens
Word Count: 3,7 this part; 16,278 total
Pairings/Characters: Abed/Troy, Annie, ensemble
Rating: Teen
Notes: Spoilers for 1.06, 1.04, and probably a few others. The title is a quote from The Home Economics Story. Thanks to [ profile] ncc_gqmf for beta-ing and [ profile] custardpringle for the constant support/word wars. ♥

Summary: Troy had disappeared. He's already been gone one day, and he has nine school days left before Greendale's attendance policies (which are, as Jeff Winger has always called them, positively high schoolian) catch up with him. Abed isn't so worried about that; he's got bigger thoughts on his mind than just truancy. Abed's almost positive that Troy's been kidnapped, but the first hurdle, of course, is always convincing others to see what's right in front of their eyes.

Part One )

Part Two

Part Three
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tl;dr RIVER SONG IS AMAZING AND SO IS AMY and yeah, Eleven is even pretty all right too.

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i've always wanted to tell you

LOLOLOL memes, amirite? THEY ARE SO FUN. Link to your thread and I will heap anonymous praise onto you! (It is the kind I'm best at. :D:)

I spent the greater part of today with homework, my DW layout, and avoiding editing fic for like the third straight week (THIS SHOULD NOT BE SO HARD JFC SELF) so yeah, feeling pretty good about myself. D:
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On Saturday morning my bff Nyssa and I went to an LGBT rights rally at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul! We were protesting two speakers there, Prop. 8's biggest fans OM NOM NOM's Maggie Gallagher and Bishop Salvatore Cordileone.

Keep in mind that St. Thomas was the same school that didn't allow Archbishop Desmond Tutu to speak on-campus because he has been critical of Israel's past human rights violations. (They eventually changed their tact and condescended to allow him to speak, but by then Tutu had decided not to come for some reason.)

There was a pretty sizable group of us (about 250 people) and it was a really lovely morning out. I'm really glad I went! Also there were free sticky buns and balloons and God knows I always love that shit. This is a pretty good article about what went down. It gets awesomely conspiracy theorist-y at the end:

But other than holding forth on marriage, family, and life to participants in a series of smaller forums on that subject run by the Archdiocese, it is not completely clear why Gallagher was in St Paul. Was it to help cover-up the most recent round of priestly child abuse scandals, as the head of the Catholic LGBT group Dignity Twin Cities told the rally? Was it to lay the groundwork for a push to further limit the rights of same-gender couples in Minnesota?

DA DUN DUNNNNN. I sense that Michele Bachmann was somehow involved in all this (NO I DIDN'T SEE HER.)


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