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Hi! I'm not dead, in fact. I took a self-imposed leave of absence and kind of forgot about LJ. But I have fic, oddly enough. I started writing it after reading Catch-22, which may explain some things. Or perhaps not. It is the first chapter of a longer fic

Title: A Day in the Life
Word Count: 3,300 (this chapter)
Rating: PG
Summary: In the happy-go-lucky days following the defeat of You-Know-Who, the people have thrown off the Shackles of Tyranny, Dean is a journalist, Seamus is completely bonkers, and the Wizarding world seems to have misplaced their Chosen One...

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Happy New Year, everyone! Instead of outlining the Constitution (ugh) like I'm supposed to be doing right now, I've brought you this little story, my fic for the [ profile] govt_stole_toad Resolutions Challenge. I had prompt #5.

(BTW, we all acknowledge that the Government Stole My Toad is the best ship name ever, while the rest usually suck? Ok, good.)

Title: Unknown Territories
Author: Briana Rose ([ profile] briana_rose07)
Format and Word Count: One-shot, 1600 words
Rating: G
Summary: "Everyone is frightened of something," she said. "Brave people just know exactly what it is.” After the funeral Neville and Luna discuss their futures.
Author's Notes: Kind of a companion piece to Thestrals.

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It's been a long time since I wrote proper HP fic. One day I will write a Lupin fic that duplicates the conversation in my icon, but until then please enjoy this little story:

Title: Thestrals
Author: Yours truly
Rating: G
Word Count: 1,990 words
Summary: After the funeral Dean Thomas meets up with his old teacher by the Forbidden Forest. Genfic.

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