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This morning it was raining very hard, so I brought a towel along with me when I biked to the bus station because I had this elaborate plan set up to ensure that my pants didn't get wet, which ended up not working at all because it was too damn cold to roll up my pant cuffs but it wasn't raining that hard at the time anyway, but

ANYWAY my point in that boring little digression was that I had this towel with me! And I learned that not only can you wrap a towel around your head to save yourself from the Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal, you apparently can also use it to wipe off your face when you start crying on the bus over the fact that you lost your wallet and are stranded at the Mall of America.


So yeah, kind of a rough day but some things were less than shitty, at least. For instance, my inability to keep from crying in public while talking with my mom over the phone led to a guy giving me $10 for the bus. Lol pathetic, I know, but I don't care because guess who had enough money left over to buy lunch? \o/ Filling out this meme also seriously cheered me up. And I am assuming by "pairings," they actually meant "threesomes or foursomes or whatever."

TOS: all pairings are OTP, but some are more OTP than others. )

MST3K: surprisingly, the hardest one to choose from )

Psych, or the only one I actually have a true OTP for )

That's it!
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Tonight's Psych! It had Urkel and Kenan (but no Kel) and SPOILERS: I want to marry Burton Guster you guys )
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does anyone have a .gif of &Gus; making jazz hands in the last episode?
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I have discovered Tiger Beatdown, this blog for ladythings, and HOLY SHIT I think I have a new internet girlfriend, you guys. My internet boyfriend used to be Nate Silver, but he has not made sweet, numeric love to me for several months and no one is sadder about that than me.

Getting back to the pwnage, my favorite bit of the approximately 300 posts that I backread today was the Tucker Max Facebook quiz post about this trailer:

Yeah, I don't even know. Don't watch the trailer if you object to guys talking about killing fat girls because, uh, they are fat.

Fun meme stuff, now, though! For [ profile] ishie:

Top five nicknames for Mr Burton Guster )


Top five ways you would have rebooted ST:TOS )

Basically if I had rebooted TOS I probably would have not excised all the female characters that weren't Uhura, Winona, and Amanda. :(


Jun. 16th, 2008 09:46 pm
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I'm pretty sure Shawn and Gus singing "Ebony & Ivory" JUST ABOUT MADE MY LIFE.

I ship them so hard.
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LJ wouldn't let me have my old pretty green layout back (because they're DICKS who need to CHUG COCK) so I made a new one. BITCHIN'.

Also I stared watching Psych and I love it so much. Mostly for the LITTLE BOYCAT, also for Shawn/Gus. Oh ♥Gus♥ And Shawn too! Usually I hate the manipulative, drama queen characters but something about Shawn is over-the-top enough that I don't care? Or maybe I just think he's hot, I don't know.

Also, we're starting a campaign in our new, shiny (for us) Star Wars RPG this Thursday. MORE BITCHIN'. My character's name is Bakula Scialfa, which can only mean that she will be MADE OF AWESOME. Oh yeah.


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