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According to Wonkette, Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann will be coming to my fair city next week in order to make-out? PRAISE GOD AND COUNTRY TOGETHER and possibly also incite violence. In the past, my new girlfriend Tarryl Clark has drawn unflattering comparisons between these two women, since they're both crazy ladies who love Jesus and Ronald Reagan* and seeing their own faces on Fox News, but I can't help but think that this is unfair to Michele Bachmann, who actually does have a job even if, by all accounts, she does it pretty shittily. She doesn't have time to increase veterans' benefits for her constituents and get health care for uninsured children, she's got an appearance on Glenn Beck and she may be called upon to soul kiss George W. Bush again!

Also! Last night Nyssa and I went to see Food, Inc. together. Most of it was stuff I already knew, but I enjoyed it a lot, especially Joel Salatin the crazy idealistic farmer guy. I liked his point (which was kind of backed up by, oh, everything else in the film) about how the companies treat the meat and the livestock is indicative of how they treat their workers. Also I was really hungry while watching it, but then of course I wasn't, so it was sort of fucked up!

*Possibly the same person??? Have you ever seen the two of them in a room together?


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