wordsatourbacks: close-up of detective meldrick lewis in a dimly lit hospital room, light shining down across his face (Default)
wordsatourbacks ([personal profile] wordsatourbacks) wrote in [personal profile] neigedens 2010-11-01 05:42 am (UTC)

[spoiler for the Community episode]

Do we get to see your NaNo work later? :D I really like the summary! (And is there somewhere I can read your previous NaNo? I think I remember you sharing an excerpt at some point!)

I'm looking forward to watching last week's Community! Except for the thing with Shirley. I know it's a zombie movie trope, but what, they HAD to hook HER up with the ensemble character who has no redeeming characteristics whatsoever? I am so sorry, Shirley!

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