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Where are the Snowdens of yesteryear? ([personal profile] neigedens) wrote2011-04-30 10:37 pm
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this reaction post brought to you by all ship and no plot

Basically I want all the Canton/Eleven (straightening the tie unf), all the Amy/Eleven (HER BABY IS TOTALLY A TIME BABBY), all the River/Eleven (I demand MORE PET NAMES and LESS SADNESS), all the Amy/Rory (she loves his STUPID FACE), all the River/Rory (because why not? You can't tell me he didn't have the weirdest boner after he watched her kill that dude), all the Canton/Rory (which is kinda reaching but Rory has an adorable nose and Canton has the sexiest voice so why the hell not), and I want all of it at once in a full-on orgy. I want the polyamourous-est TARDIS of all time. OF ALL TIME.

Aaaaand also there apparently some sort of plot with a time baby wandering around like a Dickensian orphan, jesus I don't care I just need some fic of this shit.

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