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Hello, flist/circle! I added a bunch of people a few weeks ago during the 3W4DW Social Anxiety Friending Meme and then, for reasons that I hope are obvious, didn't update for like six weeks after that. Anyway, hello, new friends and old! Sorry it took so long for me to, like, say stuff.

So, what have I been up to? Well, many things: I've been using to start a daily writing habit and, as a consequence, I've been starting a few fics for Doctor Who (which I am loving thise season.) I've signed up at the LJ comm [ profile] ficfinishing in the hopes of finishing one (or all!) of them before they're made obsolete by new episodes.

For whatever reason, though, the story that has the most momentum right now is the one that doesn't have a deadline. I started writing a Star Trek: TOS/Star Wars crossover for the lulz, and now it's about 10,000 words of Uhura/McCoy/Han Solo sex and heist shenanigans. The working title is "How Uhura made the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs." There...really is no excuse for this.

But anyway, as a consequence of this I'm rewatching the original trilogy. Because I'm worried about making Chewbacca in-character. It's difficult to imagine what his speech patterns must sound like in Shryiiwook! So anyway, expect a post about "A New Hope" later, because now that I haven't updated in weeks it's imperative that I do it like three times in a day. Duh.

So, in conclusion: nice to meet you, new f/rlisters, and I apologize in advance.
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So last night I came home from a friend's wedding in Marquette, Michigan, which is a seven hour drive from where I live. When I got here, no one was home. They had all gone to my grandma's, so not even the dog was here to say "Hey, Briana, we missed you!" FINE WHATEVER. So, to spite all of them for deserting me, I got caught up on mah stories, even though I usually watch Community with my mom and Doctor Who with my bff. Spoilers for "The Curse of the Black Spot" and "A Fistful of Paintballs," respectively.


A Fistful of Amazeballs )
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I am one of those instant gratification types who also isn't that bothered about spoilers, so in many cases I will go weeks or maybe even months without enjoying my stories until suddenly I'm like FUCK IT I CAN STAND IT NO MORE and will stay up all night to watch them all at once. This is how I have enjoyed some of my favorite shows (Arrested Development, A:tLA) and also how I slogged through some of the stuff I didn't particularly care for but didn't mind watching anyway (most of Doctor Who seasons 2 through 4 comes to mind, with a few exceptions, natch.) Similarly, I also like to go weeks without updating my journal and then suddenly, without warning, dump a bunch of tl;dr on your flists/circles.

Anyway, the point of all that is that I CANNOT DEAL WITH THIS CLIFFHANGER SHIT, YOU GUYS. I need the conclusion of "The Impossible Astronaut," but apparently BBC America have decided to air all the DW episodes at the same time as in the UK in order to discourage pirates. Pirates like me! THIS IS AWFUL.

spoilery thoughts on The Impossible Astronaut )

In conclusion: BE SATURDAY NOW.
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So, I haven't updated in about 20 years, sorry about that. And now that I AM updating I'm doing it from an impossibly tiny mini laptop I'm borrowing from my mom because in the past two weeks I have somehow managed to put BOTH of our household's main computers out of comission, which is upsetting but also a little impressive, if I do say so myself.

Anyway, hi! I came back for one purpose and one purpose only, and that is: to do this silly WIP meme that's been going around.

yeahhhhhh )

Also this is not on Gdocs because I started it after I abused all our poor laptops so badly, but I am continuing the tradition of inapppropriate Community crossovers with one where Eleven and Amy save Greendale from some vague alien threat. I think in the end Abed and Amy should run off together and run their own detective agency, though, amirite?
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Hello there, [community profile] femslash10 writer! If you have been assigned me, you should know that I am pretty happy with mostly anything. I multi-ship like it's my religion and like a wide-variety of genres. I prefer light-hearted fic as a rule (which I think fits the fandoms I've requested, to a degree?). Not to say that I don't get into Serious Fic, but something with a lolzy edge to it is always appreciated. Obviously all of the stuff I mention here is just a guide and you should feel free to GO WILD.

stuff re: my requests )

Random shit I like: prison escape stories, stupid sitcom-esque plots (especially with Community), bantering, ~chosen families~, robots, dogs, robot dogs.

And that's all I can think of! Thank you and I hope this helps you in writing. I love all these fandoms and I'm sure I will like whatever you write. ♥
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When you see this, post a snippet from your works-in-progress.

Oh my gosh this is exciting.

3 ST: TOS excerpts )

2 Community excerpts )

1 Doctor Who/MST3K excerpt )

Ha, that was really fun. :D
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I had the longest day at work this morning (probably shouldn't have stayed up until 4 in the morning watching MST3K shorts but YOU CAN'T STOP ME) but my exhaustion was mitigated somewhat by finding cool stuff when I got home!

- This interview with China Miéville wherein he is generally Not Shitty about Racefail '09, which is always appreciated, and reminds me that I need to find a copy of Perdido Street Station one of these days.

- DL'd Flesh and Stone! shot a good man in Reno just to watch him die )

- Also, as you may have noticed when I callously spammed your reading/friendslist the other day: I FINALLY POSTED MY EPIC* TROY/ABED FIC! \o/

The High School After High School, (Community, 16,000 words, Troy/Abed at DW, at LJ) Troy gets kidnapped so Abed and Annie must pretend to be Sherlock Holmes to find him!

You have no idea what a relief it is to finally post it. navel gazing ) Basically the lesson I learned was "JUST SUCK IT UP AND DEAL WITH YOUR SHIT, BRIANA," but this is the lesson that I seem to learn every time something like this happens and yet I always have to learn it all over again anyway. /o\

ANYWAY, yeah, good week! I hope yours was too! ♥

*for given values of epic, obviously. It is certainly better than my previous Greatest Posted Longfic, AKA the Remus Lupin/Mary Sue novel I started writing when I was 14.
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tl;dr RIVER SONG IS AMAZING AND SO IS AMY and yeah, Eleven is even pretty all right too.

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Saw The Beast Below! spoilers, like you care )

tl;dr, basically I think it all would have been better if they'd brought in Spock to mind-meld with it.
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Watched new DW with Nyssa (seems appropriate somehow!) not really spoilery but whatever )

And now it is time for me to take Lily for a walk because it is lovely out, and then I am going to make guacamole again. :9

Also NBC, wtf is this making me wait until the 22nd for new Community? >:(
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So I sat down and watched all of the Doctor Who specials that I have been missing...

who knew that BBC America was included in our cable package not me )

I love Wilf and Donna so much, the end.


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