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Where are the Snowdens of yesteryear? ([personal profile] neigedens) wrote2009-09-13 10:27 pm
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I am so predictable

Funny story: a long time ago I used to pretend that I was so beyond memes because I was very intellectually smrt and stuff and my opinions were original and important. Well, I am older and arguably wiser now and I know better than to pretend. I FUCKING LOVE MEMES YOU GUYS.

My username is: neigedens, because oú sont les d'antan? :(

My journal name is: Veteran Minimalist, which I had forgotten but it's what Tom calls Crow in "Pod People" when they are making beautiful music together. ♥

My title is: "If you're like me, and I know I am..." which is something Joel says like once during an invention exchange, I don't even remember which episode.

My subtitle is: None because we live in strapped times and not all of us can afford to throw subtitles on everything ok. >:(

My friends page is called: "You're all evil and I hope you all have snacks!" which is again with the MST3K. It's from the episode "The Thing That Couldn't Die," which is my favorite MST episode with a disembodied head-theme. (Not to be confused with "The Brain that Couldn't Die," which is basically the same movie but with a lady as the disembodied head instead of a pirate and also is a bit skeevier because women's bodies are commodified like whoa. Like seriously, the plot of the movie is "I have to kill a woman and steal her body for mah lovely, crazy girlfriend. Who's just a head." DDDDDDDD:) Also it's an awesome episode because the host segments are a parody of "Shore Leave," which I didn't realize until, like, last week. /o\

My default icon is: because Bones has had it with these motherfucking tribbles on this motherfucking starship. >:/ Except when Spock's around, in which case he looooooves them because they're cute.