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I had to do this meme twice because the first time I did it was really ugly. Plus I tried to make the "*_*" emoticon and for whatever reason it looked like a swamp monster when I did it. IDEK.

1. Your name/handle/username?
2. Left- or right-handed?
3. Favorite letters to write?
4. Least favorite characters to write?
5. Write "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog."
6. Tag five people.

That said, I do think my H's rule everything ever.

Oh, and I watched Community. As a whole it was really disappointing, as you would expect a Jeff and Pierce-centric episode to be. The only non-slapworthy Jeff moment was when he hated on Glee. I guess not every episode can have naked pool and Abed becoming a god. :/

And as much as I loved Abed and Shirley and Shirley's kids and Abed's cousin having ~shenanigans~, I kind of think the Abra subplot was sort of racist? Like, oh, we must free the woman from the oppression of her burqa seems a bit suspect to me, but idk. Abed's dad still makes me lol anyway. And Shirley's kids are adorable.

And now I'm on break! \o/ I am not going anywhere except Perkins, but that's okay. They know me too well there. :D: But I think now I'll catch up on Parks & Rec and 30 Rock. \o/
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Whoa, I got tagged :D:

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Now you must do it. IT IS LJ LAW.

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Your Hs are GORGEOUS. Also: your handwriting in general is gorgeous AND THEN... ALL OF A SUDDEN... THERE'S A 5... AND IT LOOKS LIKE A KINDERGARTENER WROTE IT. Sorry bb. :(

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lololol, no, you're right! You see, I've been revamping how I make fives because I used to make them in two strokes (like I'd do the bottom then the line on top?) but I've been trying to change and apparently still don't have the hang of it.

tl;dr, basically it's my kindergarten teacher's fault. :(
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This has nothing to do with your actual post, but I'm so glad I friended you! You're into my ridic Star Trek RPS shenanigans, you're taking Spanish and French (I just started learning Spanish but I know French parce que je suis canadienne), and you like JEEVES & WOOSTER!!! We were clearly meant to friend each other.

On-topicly, I agree that assuming all women need to be liberated from their cultural garb smacks of racism. I love Abed's dad though, because being a Muslim single-dad of an (maybe) autistic kid must've been hard as hell, and he pulled through with...a hilarious lack of grace.

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:D Aw, that's so nice of you to say. I am very glad you friended me too. ♥ I haven't taken a French class in awhile so c'est possible que j'aie oublié un peu. /o\

Yeah, I like Abed's dad too! As much as I love Abed, having a kid like him can't be easy. also: REPLACEMENT SHIRTS.

I kind of like all of Abed's various daddy/mommy issues a lot, more than I would in most characters. Like when he told Prof. Slater that she was his new mom the first time he met her. Oh Abed.