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So last night I came home from a friend's wedding in Marquette, Michigan, which is a seven hour drive from where I live. When I got here, no one was home. They had all gone to my grandma's, so not even the dog was here to say "Hey, Briana, we missed you!" FINE WHATEVER. So, to spite all of them for deserting me, I got caught up on mah stories, even though I usually watch Community with my mom and Doctor Who with my bff. Spoilers for "The Curse of the Black Spot" and "A Fistful of Paintballs," respectively.

For a light fluff episode, with pirates, this was moderately enjoyable. I, for one, would like to see a section every week with stoned!Rory. Maybe call it "Amy and Rory go to the White Castle on Stavromula Beta" or something. Still, this episode was pretty weak otherwise, regular pirates-cum-space pirates or not. I was reminded me of that episode of Community that was a clip show of episodes that never actually happened, but only because I feel that the study group's St. Patrick's day fishing trip, which got about two minutes of episode time, was more compelling than the entire hour of this Doctor Who pirates storyline.

(The reason I bring this up, though, is that I totally want a "Paradigms of TARDIS Memory" episode of DW, where Amy, Rory, River, and the Doctor just sit in the TARDIS and bicker and we see all the clips of the adventures we didn't get to see. Like, look, the Doctor meeting Janis Joplin! Amy and Rory getting space-arrested! River giving them a lesson on breaking out of space jail! And so on.)

Anyway, COMMUNITY! I haven't talked much about Community on my journal lately because while I haven't hated it, I was at the same time never compelled to talk about its awesomeness/mediocrity. I was feeling similarly about "Applied Anthropology and Culinary Arts," but then the paintball episode happened. I am so happy that the episode had a compelling story about Annie that did not completely revolve around Jeff and instead had to do with her own flinty yet sweet Annie brand of awesome. It hit so many of my kinks, and the image of Troy's face lighting up when he sees that Abed isn't paintball-dead will cheer me up for many weeks to come. I'm so excited for next week.
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I agree with basically everything in this post! Especially Amy and Rory Go To White Castle, my goodness. I could watch that episode all day. And yeah, the pirates were surprisingly not compelling, for pirates! I was all set to be charmed, and then I wasn't.

Plus you are 100% right about Community. ANNIE ANNIE ANNIE HERE IS MY HEART TAKE IT.