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Nyssa and I went to the Great Minnesota Get-Together this week! It was a super-awesome, super-high caloric intake kind of day. We had nice weather and we saw many great sights. The coolest sight was Minnesota's Largest Boar, who is named Jesse Ventura Dino and is roughly one million pounds and must be fed continuously on a diet of giblets and the souls of the wicked. No, but seriously, it was one freaky-looking pig.

Oh, the Republicans had a building there, too! They had a sign out front that said "WHITES ONLY" "Welcome to Obamacare! The Nurse Will See You In About A Billion Years!" Ha, ha, Republicans! They can make all the jokes they want, but will they be laughing when Obama declares himself the Supreme Socialist Overlord of the West and enslaves all the white people? I think not!

Anyway, while Nyssa and I were cavorting around the fair, Senator Not Norm Coleman was finally getting us our money's worth after taking About A Billion Years to be elected:

Senator Franken ♥_♥

(Also, check out the guy at 7:25 with the question on every teabagger's mind: "Is there some way I can blame this on immigrants?" JFC. /o\)
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During the campaign, the Star Tribune had an article (on the front page, no less) explaining the reason that Sarah Palin had an accent that was more cartoonishly Minnesotan than any actual Minnesotan's accent I've ever heard. Besides the fact that she was probably putting on some of the "you betcha" shit for for delicious folksy effect, apparently the reason is that during the Depression, the WPA (or something like that; the Star Tribune just filed for bankruptcy, maybe that's why the search engine on their site isn't being helpful in finding this article) uprooted a bunch of Minnesotans and sent them to the valley where Wasilla is located.

I kind of want to go there, it must be like going into a time warp! Everyone sounds like their from the 30's and...still says "you betcha" a lot?

Actually, on second thought, I don't want to go there at all. D:

Unrelatedly, I can't stop giggling at this video. They look like they're plotting something adorable! I love when Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan team up to sing because even though they don't exactly pull it off that well, I don't even care. They obviously just wanted an excuse for teaming up!


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