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Title: Love in Technicolor
Fandom: Star Trek (2009)
Warnings: None.
Notes: This is my [community profile] femslash10 fic, written for [personal profile] karmageddon. Big thanks to [ profile] custardpringle for the beta job and not letting me panic/procrastinate. Title from Janelle Monáe's "BaBobByeYa."

Summary: Gaila had been on the only escape pod that had failed to reestablish contact after the Narada attack, so, all in all, Uhura wasn't very surprised when Gaila and the rest of the previously dead crew showed up again on the Enterprise six months after. Or at least, not as surprised as she could have been. Gaila had always had a talent of showing up in the middle of confusing situations.

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So you know when you're up late at night, watching Star Trek movies, and suddenly you want to write Spock/McCoy fic from when Bones had Spock's katra all up in his grill? We all go through that phase, but some of us are weaker than others!

TITLE: Do Vulcans Dream of Electric Doctors?
PAIRING: Spock/McCoy
SUMMARY: “It's probably not even your fault, Spock,” he muttered. “I was probably destined to go mad in space some day anyway. You probably just made the process a lot more efficient. How typical.” Dr. McCoy has got Vulcan on the brain.
NOTES: This fic is set during “The Search for Spock” and happens to reference a lot to a certain TOS episode, the second season's “Bread and Circuses.” For those of you who have not seen it, I will sum up: gladiators and ~sexual tension~. That's about it.

Also thanks to Chickdude, [ profile] ms_treesap, and [ profile] ishie for beta-ing and reading beforehand.



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