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Quick check-in before NaNo starts! I am neigedens at the NaNo website so add me if you are there as well. For those of you who are curious, instead of writing fanfic this year for episodes of Trek:TOS that were so bad I could only watch most of it once, this year I am writing original sci-fi romance. Here's the summary!

click IF YOU DARE )

In case you couldn't tell, this is kind of all being pulled out of my ass! I look forward to this month very much, at any rate, it should be fun!

Now to talk about the really important: how much do I love Community? God I love it so much sometimes.
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The Pre-NaNo Project Clearout continues apace! I'm feeling really excited this year for NaNo, because even if I don't finish, it's still spurred me on to finish two fics that have been languishing in gdocs for months

Also, apparently the word in fandom these days is that Tumblr is the cancer that's killing LJ fandom, and I always like to hop on that bandwagon, so I am there under the name "onecatch" for some reason. So if a strange person starts following you, don't be alarmed, if it's not a Russian porn site, it's probably just me! Also I am on and the twitters as "ousontles." Social media guys. It's the shit.
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I finished NaNo this year! *\o/* First time, too, so I'm feeling pretty good about that.

(Of course, the fic itself isn't even close to being edited or even fully done at this point, but POSITIVITY: I am basking in it right now.)

Also! Finished that Abed/Annie/Troy fic so if some lovely flister wanted to beta it I would probably :DDDDDDDDD at you a lot? :D?

I'm rereading a bunch of Discworld books right now. I've started with a bunch of the Watch books because &those guys; I feel like Leonard of Quirm, though, because I hate giving things names and stuff. TITLES FOR MY FICS: they are so hard. :(
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19380 / 50000 words. 39% done!

You know that Calvin & Hobbes strip, where they're playing dinosaurs, like normal, and all of a sudden the other dinosaurs are being attacked by T-REXES IN F-14 JETS HOLY SHIT? And Calvin says "This is so cool" and Hobbes is all "This is so stupid."?

Yeah, that's how I feel about my NaNo right now. Space pirates, you guys. So many space pirates.
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7436 / 50000 words. 15% done!

YEAH MOTHERFUCKER! Not much else to say, I have been busy with work and school lately, so I thought I'd throw NaNo into the midst. Just to make it interesting!


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