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My bff Brett is always bitching at me about spoilers. For a guy who once threatened to spoil DH for me as revenge for telling him that Godot never shows up, he's remarkably touchy. Seriously, does anyone really give a shit how Waiting for Godot ends? I know he didn't. He hated it.

(Fixed that for myself: does anyone really give a shit about Waiting for Godot? No, of course they don't.)

Anyway, point is: these are my inane thoughts on SGA Season 5 and S&H Season whatever, which aired about 30 years ago, but if there's anything Brett's epic butthurt over spoilers has taught me, it's that you can never be too careful.

omg spoilerz )

Also, I watched "The Deadly Imposter" a couple nights ago and I have DEEP THOUGHTS on that as well.

most of these thoughts have to do with how hot Abigail Crabtree was )
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So thanks to the pernicious influence of [ profile] unlovablehands I have started watching "Starsky & Hutch." Although it's not really her fault, it's just that I watched "The Fix," which is an episode that smacks you over the head with its massive hurt/comfort kink and makes you its bitch, but it's ok because I really do love the show. Partially because I have fanwanked Starsky into being a surrogate for my love of Yossarian. THEY LOOK A LOT ALIKE, SRSLY. Here's a picture of Alan Arkin, who played Yossarian in the movie:

And here's a picture of Starsky ~*saving the day*~ by freaking out old ladies with his chest hair:

cut because not many people could take this CRAZY PICTURE of Starsky over their morning coffee )

There's no scene in Catch-22 where a Yossarian wearing nothing but a towel waves a gun around in a laundromat while old ladies scream at his partial nudity but I'm pretty sure there should be.

(I also tried to fanwank Hutch into paralleling the Chaplain since, you know, the Chaplain is SO GAY for Yossarian, despite the fact that Hutch is obviously Nately. Because I'm lame like that I couldn't think of anyone in Catch-22 who is loldorably faily and futilely pursues prostitutes and tries to ~fix them~. Nately and Hutch's kinks: not okay, y/n?)

In conclusion:

moar gratutitous nudity )

ETA: The cover to my secondhand copy fell off :(, so I want one like this. Also a pony.


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