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I rewatched ATLA this week. I somehow thought that since I'd seen it before I wouldn't feel the need to tear through all the episodes all at once, and yet there I was, watching Sozin's Comet at five in the morning, AGAIN. Oh self, you are so predictable.

But anyway, it got me thinking about how while my favorite episodes will always be the Ba Sing Se arc in s2, my favorite s3 episode is definitely Boiling Rock because I LOVE ALL PRISON ESCAPE STORIES. Even shitty, awful ones. I watched Face/Off (WHY IS THERE A SLASH IN THAT TITLE) because there was a prison in that movie where all the cons wore special boots that would pin them to the floor if they tried to escape and it was awesome even though it was stupid and nonsensical, so obviously a prison escape story with Sokka and Suki and Zuko and a fuckton of them ~scheming~ is, to me, the greatest thing ever.

BUT ANYWAY. My whole point was that it has long been my ambition to write a prison escape story! Maybe an escape from a PRISON FOR BITCHES? this will all probably seem like a bad idea in the morning. )

Totally unrelatedly, I think I'm going to make a schedule or a list or something so I can finish all these fucking WIPs by the end of the summer, JFC.
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This weekend kind of sucked! I was feeling ill early on last week and then over the weekend I lost my voice, which means that I had to call into work and I couldn't speak or, even, sing. IT WAS THE WORST GAGA DAY EVER. ;_;

But anyway! I have a bunch of answers to that OTP meme from [personal profile] mona. I will probably answer more later, but this is all I felt like doing now:

Shirley/Britta )

Troy/Abed )

Sokka/Suki/Toph )

Yes I can relate MST3K to anything why do you ask?


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