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HP canon question: has JKR ever said (in an interview or on her site) what happened to Dean Thomas and Seamus and the Patil twins and all the other characters like that? I am combing through the site and not finding anything, although I do seem to have missed the first time around that she told us that Tonks was a Hufflepuff! &Tonks;

I have finished my reread of DH and I am embarrassed to tell you just how much I loved that damn book. Even the parts that were not about dragonjacking and Dumbledore's Nazi boyfriend. /o\
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I have been re-reading Harry Potter for the first time in what turned out to be quite awhile! It turns out that I never actually read HBP nor DH after the first 48 hours that I bought them, so subsequently I misremembered where I put one and also totally forgot the glory that is

Roonil Wazlib

For shame, I know. I have very vague memories of DH as well because I was high on a mixture of Robitussin and adrenaline from almost being in a car crash during those tumultuous 48 hours in which I read it. I do remember HARRY, RON, AND HERMIONE ROBBING THE BANK WITH A DRAGON, FUCK YEAH and also a bunch of all the characters I loved dying, which kind of killed my joy over the dragonjacking. D: Still, &my first OT3; I am looking forward to when I finally find my copy of DH. If I ever do. lol messiest bedroom D:

Also! I have a Dreamwidth which I keep forgetting to use. I am going to use it soon, though, when I finish this ST fic I'm writing, though, so, you know. Watch for that. :/


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