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I finished reading Watchmen for the first time about two weeks ago and I liked it. Then I re-read it and now I completely love it. It's a bit embarrassing. I'm trying to work my way through Alan Moore's stuff, so now I have V for Vendetta and I harassed a librarian about getting me a copy of From Hell. I have turned from sane if eccentric casual sci-fi geek to complete comics insane person. WHAT HAS HAPPENED.

I'm relatively excited about the movie, though I'm not sure about how good it will be exactly. I don't exactly expect the best from the guy who made 300. Also, it'll be hard for me to take Jeffrey Dean Morgan seriously as a rapetastic, murderous character like the Comedian. Hell, it's pretty hard for me to take Jeffrey Dean Morgan seriously anyway, what with all the cupcake-decorating shenanigans whatnot.

Also, I watched the SGA S5 premiere and I took screencaps! For no particular reason other than I could. I don't make icons and they're not particularly high-quality caps, so why did I do it?

orite because jflan and a babby omg )
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...and suddenly I had this HUGE CRUSH on Joe Flanigan. This is troubling me because, I mean, he's cute 'n' all, I'm still unclear about what exactly he does besides...get felt up by latex space vampires and talk about his hair. I think they hired him to be an actor or something? But I have recently watched four seasons of this television show he was on and I retain no clear memory of him besides his vague, spiky presence in a couple scenes. He seems pretty chill, though.

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Todd is just about SGA's most entertaing character, isn't he? He transcends the essential lolarity of the Wraith as a species (because I imagine that unless you have a severe latex allergy the Wraith aren't really that frightening) and makes me love him. Despite the fact that he's covered in latex.

sga spoilers, and thoughts on how todd saves the day EVERY FUCKING TIME )

Also, I re-watched the original Star Wars trilogy and now I really want to read a Han/Leia/Lando lulzy action threesome fic. Which Star Wars fandom probably doesn't have because they hate brown people and things that are awesome, damn them. >:(

ETA: You know what else I want? A picture of Freema Agyeman with short hair. Also a fucking pony. >:(

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My bff Brett is always bitching at me about spoilers. For a guy who once threatened to spoil DH for me as revenge for telling him that Godot never shows up, he's remarkably touchy. Seriously, does anyone really give a shit how Waiting for Godot ends? I know he didn't. He hated it.

(Fixed that for myself: does anyone really give a shit about Waiting for Godot? No, of course they don't.)

Anyway, point is: these are my inane thoughts on SGA Season 5 and S&H Season whatever, which aired about 30 years ago, but if there's anything Brett's epic butthurt over spoilers has taught me, it's that you can never be too careful.

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Also, I watched "The Deadly Imposter" a couple nights ago and I have DEEP THOUGHTS on that as well.

most of these thoughts have to do with how hot Abigail Crabtree was )


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