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Fic! I made fic, guys. With a threesome, and incest. Inadvertent incest. (Inad-cest? Is that a thing? It is now.) And now, for good measure, a few more important Star Wars thoughts, this time about Empire Strikes Back:
  • I LOVE THIS MOVIE YOU GUYS. It will be my favorite, always and forever.

  • At the end of the movie Lando is wearing the same clothes that Han was wearing to the medal ceremony in "A New Hope." This leads me to one of two conclusions: either Han and Lando both are frequent customers of Rascally Scoundrel Outfitters Ltd., or Lando is Han's ex, they parted on bad terms (to say the least), and now Lando feels entitled to wear Han's clothes. Maybe originally they were his! Is there fic about this? There needs to be.

  • My OTP is Han/Leia, but my real OTP is Han/unnecessary aggression towards people who are only trying to help him. "You'll die out there!" "THEN I'LL SEE YOU IN HELL!" Maybe Han yells that all the time. Like, "General Solo, we're out of turbo-deicers for the south doors!" "Then I will see those turbo-deicers all IN HELL." Man, who did Han have to sleep with besides Leia to be made a general? It's a mystery.

  • More thoughts: Han is a polygamist; droids are adorable; I love Leia, as you may have guessed )

    My life does consist of more than Star Wars nostalgia, but at this point even I am having a hard time believing it.
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OK, so my theory in "A New Hope," (and I can't believe it took me until I'm almost 22 to articulate this theory) is that right after destroying the Death Star, Han, Leia, and Luke had the galaxy's most ILL-ADVISED threesome while drunk on Romulan ale or whatever the hell they drink a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

I mean, say that it was so awkward that they never spoke of it again, so awkward that finding out that Luke and Leia were siblings only made it slightly more awkward. (I think Han had always idly fantasized about doing it with a pair of twins, but then when it turned out that he actually had he felt retroactively really skeeved out.)

Assuming this makes the medal ceremony scene, like, 60 times funnier, what with Han's irascible smiles, Luke's constant :D? :D? face (I'm pretty sure he was thinking about how he, as a small one-man fighter, had managed to penetrate an incredibly dense and advanced security system, taking a one-in-a-million shot at a thermal exhaust port which set off a chain reaction that then DESTROYED HIS VIRGINITY), and Leia apparently being so flustered and exasperated by all of it that she FORGOT TO GIVE CHEWIE HIS MEDAL. (And now I've written fic, to illustrate the truthiness of this theory.)

more important thoughts on ANH: I LOVE WOOKIEES YOU GUYS )
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Hello, flist/circle! I added a bunch of people a few weeks ago during the 3W4DW Social Anxiety Friending Meme and then, for reasons that I hope are obvious, didn't update for like six weeks after that. Anyway, hello, new friends and old! Sorry it took so long for me to, like, say stuff.

So, what have I been up to? Well, many things: I've been using to start a daily writing habit and, as a consequence, I've been starting a few fics for Doctor Who (which I am loving thise season.) I've signed up at the LJ comm [ profile] ficfinishing in the hopes of finishing one (or all!) of them before they're made obsolete by new episodes.

For whatever reason, though, the story that has the most momentum right now is the one that doesn't have a deadline. I started writing a Star Trek: TOS/Star Wars crossover for the lulz, and now it's about 10,000 words of Uhura/McCoy/Han Solo sex and heist shenanigans. The working title is "How Uhura made the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs." There...really is no excuse for this.

But anyway, as a consequence of this I'm rewatching the original trilogy. Because I'm worried about making Chewbacca in-character. It's difficult to imagine what his speech patterns must sound like in Shryiiwook! So anyway, expect a post about "A New Hope" later, because now that I haven't updated in weeks it's imperative that I do it like three times in a day. Duh.

So, in conclusion: nice to meet you, new f/rlisters, and I apologize in advance.
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Todd is just about SGA's most entertaing character, isn't he? He transcends the essential lolarity of the Wraith as a species (because I imagine that unless you have a severe latex allergy the Wraith aren't really that frightening) and makes me love him. Despite the fact that he's covered in latex.

sga spoilers, and thoughts on how todd saves the day EVERY FUCKING TIME )

Also, I re-watched the original Star Wars trilogy and now I really want to read a Han/Leia/Lando lulzy action threesome fic. Which Star Wars fandom probably doesn't have because they hate brown people and things that are awesome, damn them. >:(

ETA: You know what else I want? A picture of Freema Agyeman with short hair. Also a fucking pony. >:(



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