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Hello, flist/circle! I added a bunch of people a few weeks ago during the 3W4DW Social Anxiety Friending Meme and then, for reasons that I hope are obvious, didn't update for like six weeks after that. Anyway, hello, new friends and old! Sorry it took so long for me to, like, say stuff.

So, what have I been up to? Well, many things: I've been using to start a daily writing habit and, as a consequence, I've been starting a few fics for Doctor Who (which I am loving thise season.) I've signed up at the LJ comm [ profile] ficfinishing in the hopes of finishing one (or all!) of them before they're made obsolete by new episodes.

For whatever reason, though, the story that has the most momentum right now is the one that doesn't have a deadline. I started writing a Star Trek: TOS/Star Wars crossover for the lulz, and now it's about 10,000 words of Uhura/McCoy/Han Solo sex and heist shenanigans. The working title is "How Uhura made the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs." There...really is no excuse for this.

But anyway, as a consequence of this I'm rewatching the original trilogy. Because I'm worried about making Chewbacca in-character. It's difficult to imagine what his speech patterns must sound like in Shryiiwook! So anyway, expect a post about "A New Hope" later, because now that I haven't updated in weeks it's imperative that I do it like three times in a day. Duh.

So, in conclusion: nice to meet you, new f/rlisters, and I apologize in advance.
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Today I didn't work, so I thought I'd go to the library and do some writing on a computer with a keyboard isn't the size of a postage stamp. (I'm actually growing somewhat fond of this tiny laptop that I think my mom won in a raffle, but this does not change the fact that its apostrophe key is in a stupid place and I'm too scared to install a non-shitty (read: non-IE) browser on it for fear of making it explode.) Instead of writing anything or doing anything remotely useful with the computers taxpayers like me have paid for, I instead started backreading a bunch of the Filthy Critic archives and then I moved onto the Wikipedia overviews of the Saw movies out of perverse curiosity.

I've never actually seen any of the Saw movies as the very concept makes me a bit sick, but I have to imagine that that you get about as much a sense of the characters' motivations and of the plot itself from reading the Wikipedia summaries as you do from watching the actual movie, and one option means that you see 100% less of the insides of a characters' intestines so, you know, there is that.

tl;dr, bottom line is I got nothing done today by wasting time in the stupidest possible way and IT WAS CARY ELWES BEHIND THE MURDERS ALL ALONG.
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Dear Yuletide writer,

Ack! I put this off too late and now you probably got linked to a placeholder, for which I am truly sorry. Despite appearances to the contrary, I am SO excited for you to write a fic for me, and obviously usual disclaimers in these types of letter apply: you should take everything I say as only a guideline and can disregard it if it's not your thing.

So! Random shit I like: prison escape stories, stupid sitcom-esque plots, bantering, ~chosen families~, robots, dogs, robot dogs.

shit specific to my fandoms that I like )

Thank you so much! I am sure I will love whatever you write for me. ♥
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Quick check-in before NaNo starts! I am neigedens at the NaNo website so add me if you are there as well. For those of you who are curious, instead of writing fanfic this year for episodes of Trek:TOS that were so bad I could only watch most of it once, this year I am writing original sci-fi romance. Here's the summary!

click IF YOU DARE )

In case you couldn't tell, this is kind of all being pulled out of my ass! I look forward to this month very much, at any rate, it should be fun!

Now to talk about the really important: how much do I love Community? God I love it so much sometimes.
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The Pre-NaNo Project Clearout continues apace! I'm feeling really excited this year for NaNo, because even if I don't finish, it's still spurred me on to finish two fics that have been languishing in gdocs for months

Also, apparently the word in fandom these days is that Tumblr is the cancer that's killing LJ fandom, and I always like to hop on that bandwagon, so I am there under the name "onecatch" for some reason. So if a strange person starts following you, don't be alarmed, if it's not a Russian porn site, it's probably just me! Also I am on and the twitters as "ousontles." Social media guys. It's the shit.
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- I AM STILL SO EXCITED ABOUT TURNING 21 YOU GUYS. June is all around a really great month for birthdays! For instance, my bff Nyssa's birthday is the 14th and a few weeks ago her little brother Adric (hahaha get it?) sent me a message on Facebook the other day about this great gift idea...nyssa DON'T READ THIS OR I WILL CUT YOU )

- IT'S TROY WEEK OVER AT [ profile] community_tv YOU GUYS. Just like last week, there's a character-centric Fanworks Meme that you should go prompt/fill!

- On that note:
Introduction to Fashion and Design, Troy/Abed, 500 words
It was love at first sight.

- Last week, as I mentioned, was Shirley Week and while I had a few problems with the fic I was working on (problems that can be summed up in two words as: "detective AU," BUT THAT'S A WHOLE 'NOTHER ENTRY) there was a lot of cool stuff posted, my favorite being these bits of fanart. &Shirley;
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I rewatched ATLA this week. I somehow thought that since I'd seen it before I wouldn't feel the need to tear through all the episodes all at once, and yet there I was, watching Sozin's Comet at five in the morning, AGAIN. Oh self, you are so predictable.

But anyway, it got me thinking about how while my favorite episodes will always be the Ba Sing Se arc in s2, my favorite s3 episode is definitely Boiling Rock because I LOVE ALL PRISON ESCAPE STORIES. Even shitty, awful ones. I watched Face/Off (WHY IS THERE A SLASH IN THAT TITLE) because there was a prison in that movie where all the cons wore special boots that would pin them to the floor if they tried to escape and it was awesome even though it was stupid and nonsensical, so obviously a prison escape story with Sokka and Suki and Zuko and a fuckton of them ~scheming~ is, to me, the greatest thing ever.

BUT ANYWAY. My whole point was that it has long been my ambition to write a prison escape story! Maybe an escape from a PRISON FOR BITCHES? this will all probably seem like a bad idea in the morning. )

Totally unrelatedly, I think I'm going to make a schedule or a list or something so I can finish all these fucking WIPs by the end of the summer, JFC.
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So I haven't seen the Community finale yet, but that will not stop me from talking about spoilers/fic ideas ) Basically, long-winded Community fic with a stupid plot and a ~Heartwarming Ending~ has unexpectedly become my favorite thing to write, go figure. :D

Speaking of which, I stole this meme from [personal profile] the_wanlorn because it's look really fun:

Name any story I've written, and any character in them, canon or OC. I'll tell you three things about that character which I didn't put in the story.

Also, I went to see Iron Man 2 (which was fun but dumb and politically really gross), and the ATLA trailer made me so mad. I'm thinking maybe we should give M. Night the Tom Servo treatment. You know, go back in time and find M. Night before he gets inspired to make his crappy movie, and then take care of him. You know, kick him in the shins! On the bright side, the trailer inspired me to get this sweet new icon, so apparently Aryan!ATLA is good for something after all.

OK, NOW I AM TRUFAX GOING TO BED. Good night, circle/flist, I shall probably rant some more about Community in the morning. :D:
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I had the longest day at work this morning (probably shouldn't have stayed up until 4 in the morning watching MST3K shorts but YOU CAN'T STOP ME) but my exhaustion was mitigated somewhat by finding cool stuff when I got home!

- This interview with China Miéville wherein he is generally Not Shitty about Racefail '09, which is always appreciated, and reminds me that I need to find a copy of Perdido Street Station one of these days.

- DL'd Flesh and Stone! shot a good man in Reno just to watch him die )

- Also, as you may have noticed when I callously spammed your reading/friendslist the other day: I FINALLY POSTED MY EPIC* TROY/ABED FIC! \o/

The High School After High School, (Community, 16,000 words, Troy/Abed at DW, at LJ) Troy gets kidnapped so Abed and Annie must pretend to be Sherlock Holmes to find him!

You have no idea what a relief it is to finally post it. navel gazing ) Basically the lesson I learned was "JUST SUCK IT UP AND DEAL WITH YOUR SHIT, BRIANA," but this is the lesson that I seem to learn every time something like this happens and yet I always have to learn it all over again anyway. /o\

ANYWAY, yeah, good week! I hope yours was too! ♥

*for given values of epic, obviously. It is certainly better than my previous Greatest Posted Longfic, AKA the Remus Lupin/Mary Sue novel I started writing when I was 14.
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I finished NaNo this year! *\o/* First time, too, so I'm feeling pretty good about that.

(Of course, the fic itself isn't even close to being edited or even fully done at this point, but POSITIVITY: I am basking in it right now.)

Also! Finished that Abed/Annie/Troy fic so if some lovely flister wanted to beta it I would probably :DDDDDDDDD at you a lot? :D?

I'm rereading a bunch of Discworld books right now. I've started with a bunch of the Watch books because &those guys; I feel like Leonard of Quirm, though, because I hate giving things names and stuff. TITLES FOR MY FICS: they are so hard. :(


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