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I reread The House of the Spirits this week because I'd like to try to read it in Spanish and I figure it'll be helpful to reread and also because some of it is, quite simply, LOLZY AS SHIT. For instance! There is the part where their grandmother Nívea is decapitated in a car accident and, using her incredibly annoying clairvoyant powers, Clara finds her head and promptly afterward goes into labor with twins. So the head gets stashed in a hatbox and forgotten for FIFTY YEARS until the evil rapist grandfather remembers it's there and is like "Oh, yeah, you guys should probably bury my mother-in-law's head." GEE, THANKS EVIL RAPIST GRANDPA. I recommend this book, for the sheer WTF factor, which is why I like most magical realism, I suppose.

Also I have been reading Wodehouse because I've been rewatching some "Jeeves and Wooster" with [ profile] ms_treesap and today I started reading Diane Duane's Spock's World, which I would recommend even if it sucked (it doesn't) for one reason and one reason only: Lieutenant Naraht, the Horta. Holy shit.

edit: Also, I saw "Inglorious Basterds" last week and liked it in the same way I liked this dream I had once where Harrison Ford and I were brutally killing Nazi zombies. /o\


neigedens: shirley examining tiny nipples (Default)
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