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I try to make a lot of goals for myself, in order to get through my day. One of these goals is "Do not make a small child burst into tears," but unfortunately yesterday this goal was UNREACHABLE. It was just before my shift started at work and I went into the bathroom without really thinking and smacked this four year-old kid really hard on the back of the head with the door. D: It wasn't really my fault, but I still felt bad, maybe because I used to be that kid who ill-advisedly stood in places where I was likely to get hit in the face. Being a kid is rough, let me tell you. (Unfortunately, I stayed like that until I was, like, 16.)

But anyway, that's all behind me! Tonight I don't work plus Nyssa and I are going to this Feministing thingy right here tonight (feminism plus FREE PIZZA) so it should be good times!

Also [ profile] crackers4jenn made this awesome picspam explaining why you should watch Community, the primary argument of which is BECAUSE PRETTY. *_* God I love this show.

Also, have I mentioned how I want to learn how to vid just so I can make one for Community set to "I Don't Feel Like Dancing." It would basically be like this one except it would have Troy and Britta in spandex and Abed tap-dancing instead of Stephen Colbert:

...And now I want Stephen Colbert to guest star on Community.


neigedens: shirley examining tiny nipples (Default)
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