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I went to see Iron Man today. By myself, which was weird, but it was ok because the movie was seriously amazing. I don't know why I even loved it so much, wasn't half the movie just, like, Robert Downey, Jr. fiddling around with shit in his basment? And there was a lot of streamlined metal and technoporn and a villain who looked a lot like my dad with less hair? I don't know, but it was pretty entertaining, anyway.

Speaking of my dad, my mother got mad at him the other day because he's a really annoying radical atheist who laughs at nuns. (I actually am an atheist but for awhile I wasn't because I wanted to REBEL against him for being so annoying about it.) My mom works as a volunteer at this free clinic for people who don't have health insurance (undocumented workers and the like) which is run by this order of nuns. On her birthday the nuns were having this volunteer benefit luncheon thingy that my mom elected not to bring my dad to, even though it was a free meal and my dad LOVES free meals. My dad got all butthurt that she was ditching him on her birthday, though, and asked me why she didn't take him with. I told him she was afraid he would laugh at the nuns and he got all lol defensive but pretty much didn't deny that he would. Which is silly, because aside from Mother Angelica, nuns aren't even that laughable. My dad's just kind of a dick. HE PUSHES NUNS DOWN THE STAIRS FOR KICKS, TRUEST OF FAX.


neigedens: shirley examining tiny nipples (Default)
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