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I finished reading Watchmen for the first time about two weeks ago and I liked it. Then I re-read it and now I completely love it. It's a bit embarrassing. I'm trying to work my way through Alan Moore's stuff, so now I have V for Vendetta and I harassed a librarian about getting me a copy of From Hell. I have turned from sane if eccentric casual sci-fi geek to complete comics insane person. WHAT HAS HAPPENED.

I'm relatively excited about the movie, though I'm not sure about how good it will be exactly. I don't exactly expect the best from the guy who made 300. Also, it'll be hard for me to take Jeffrey Dean Morgan seriously as a rapetastic, murderous character like the Comedian. Hell, it's pretty hard for me to take Jeffrey Dean Morgan seriously anyway, what with all the cupcake-decorating shenanigans whatnot.

Also, I watched the SGA S5 premiere and I took screencaps! For no particular reason other than I could. I don't make icons and they're not particularly high-quality caps, so why did I do it?

orite because jflan and a babby omg )


neigedens: shirley examining tiny nipples (Default)
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