Jun. 17th, 2011

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So, I have a lot of stuff to do today! I have meds to pick up, a geriatric dog to take to the vet to get her toenails cut (my geriatric dog has very sensitive toenails, also doing it grosses me out), and a picture to print out so I can put it in a peacock frame and give it to my best friend's mom as a thank you gift about a month late. So I got up early today. To get a head start on all these chores? No, so I could


Seriously, all of those exclamation points and sparkles are ESSENTIAL to relate to you just how excited I am by P&R. I just finished "Eagleton," where Leslie has that adorable birthday dinner for Ron. I just love her, so much. Like, I'm not even kidding when I say I want to be her. She is my song and declaration of faith and I hella admire her thoughtfulness and general goodness. ♥

Plus just all the little details! I love the level of world-building that goes into the whole thing, just the little callbacks and jokes that get reused. A lot of it reminds me of older Simpsons? I mean, obviously the Pawnee-Eagleton rivalry owes a lot to those Springfield-Shelbyville episodes (quick someone write a fic where the Eagletonians are bougie jerks all about marrying their cousins!) but the funny thing is that P&R is far more original and interesting about using older Simpsons' ideas that new!Simpsons is about cannibalizing old episodes' ideas. (I assume? I don't think I've watched any new Simpsons for at least a year if not more.)

For some reason the little detail that makes me laugh the hardest thinking about is Leslie trying to get Ron to go see the World's Largest Rocking Chair on the way to Indianapolis (the brochure says: "IT'S HUGE!") Every year my parents, my brother, and I go up to our family reunion outside Eveleth, Minnesota, which is home to the World's Largest Hockey Stick, so, yes, this is a thing.

The fact that I stopped in the middle of watching to write this entry speaks a lot for my self-control, so good job me! Probably doesn't speak very well for my "actually doing useful things" initiative, though, ha, oops.


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